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Why buy american art glass?

Imported glass pieces pose a significant threat to

American Glass artists for several reasons

1)  Import glass distributers have flooded the market with cheaper alternatives, undercutting the prices that American artists can command for their handcrafted pieces.

2) This can make it difficult for American artists to sustain their businesses and livelihoods, as consumers may opt for the lower-priced imports rather than investing in the higher quality and craftsmanship offered by domestic artists.

3) Imported funtional glass lacks the artistic integrity and individuality that characterize handmade pieces crafted by American artists who take pride in their unique designs, innovative techniques, and dedication to quality.

4) Import glass manufacturers often sacrifice quality in favor of mass production and cost-cutting measures. This diminishes artistic value and also undermines the reputation of American artisans within the industry.


5) The proliferation of import glass contributes to the devaluation of glass art as a whole. By prioritizing mass production and profit margins over artistic expression and creativity, the influx of imported products furthers a perception that functional glass art is merely a disposable commodity rather than a form of high craftsmanship and artistic expression. This devaluation not only harms American glass artists financially but also undermines the cultural significance and appreciation of their work within the broader community.


6) It's crucial for consumers to recognize the value of supporting local artisans and investing in handmade pieces that reflect both the skill and passion of American glass artists. Help us support the growth of the American glass art industry. 

~All American Art Glass Supply~

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